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Digital marketing is the most important part of digital marketing which uses web-based technologies like desktop computers, cell phones and various other web-based media and devices to advertise services and products. It is also known as e-marketing, web advertising or web marketing. The main aim of digital marketing is to reach out to maximum number of customers in minimum time and cost. Apart from this it should be able to provide the user maximum interactivity and ease while on the websites. Internet marketer should be able to give out good advertisement of the product and service. There are different tools and techniques used by internet marketers to enhance the quality of their advertisement.

The most important part of any internet marketing campaign is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO helps in improving website visibility and increasing its traffic. This is done by optimizing the keywords or phrases of the web-pages. All the important business web pages should be optimized before placing any ad on it. In recent years search engines have become very popular, which help the users to find the particular web pages of companies very quickly through a simple search.

Social media marketing is another very effective tool for effective internet marketing. Social media sites like Facebook and twitter are used by people all over the world to share and discuss various topics. A company can use this social media site to drive traffic to its web-pages and advertise its services and products.

Email marketing has become very popular in recent years as it is cost-effective and very time-saving. Many internet marketers use email marketing campaigns to broadcast their message to potential clients. These messages are often sent through spam mails. To save time people check out these sites before opening their mail. These are one of the cheapest marketing strategies but require long-term commitment to work on them.

Email marketing and video marketing are two other ways through which companies promote their businesses. A video can be uploaded in YouTube to get more viewers. Emailing to a large list of subscribers can reach more people through email campaigns. It is not recommended to do video marketing campaigns during holidays or during carnivals as most people are away from their computers.

One of the best ways of driving more traffic to a web marketing campaign is through pay per click campaigns. Companies use pay per click ads to run specific keyword phrase ads on top of search engine results. Paid campaigns will require a company to spend money on those ads. These ads should be used frequently enough to help increase company profits.

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